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Marketing Strategy

Marketing within today’s business world is an essential function and brings with it a unique and diverse range of skills and services. We recognise that not all organisations need a full time department or have the most appropriate skills in their current team. You may however, need the ability to undertake a broad range of marketing activities as a fundamental part of your business and this is where we can help you. Quite simply, we provide our expertise and skills, delivering a fully outsourced marketing department for your business and provide services for an agreed number of days or hours per month, or on a project by project basis – the choice is yours.


Think of what we offer as anything you would expect from a marketing department without the added costs of employing staff. We can provide these services at all levels from Director through to Marketing Assistants.


We can help you with:
· Marketing Strategy
· Branding
· Campaign Plans
· Data Cleansing
· Interim Management
· Event organisation and much more!


Using an outsourced marketing department provides an extremely cost effective way of running your business and can save you a considerable amount of money on the following:
· Advertising, selecting and recruiting staff
· NI and PAYE tax
· No office space, resources or overheads
· Sourcing suppliers
· Training for specialist skills


As we have vast experience of working with a wide range of businesses, we have no learning curve, meaning you gain immediate benefit.